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May Ann (Miyan) Sobh

Director, Development

Known for her dedication to the community and meticulous work effort, May Ann (Miyan) joined the ACCESS team as development officer in 2018. Aligned with the organization in principles and goals, Miyan and ACCESS are a perfect match. A true visionary, her ability to paint organizational vision and convey it throughout local and national communities is a tremendous asset, earning her the title of development director in 2021. Miyan’s active involvement in the community makes her an expert in relationship building and enhancing the culture of philanthropy throughout the organization.  

Part of Miyan’s thorough understanding of the organization can be attributed to her unique journey of involvement. Although her career at ACCESS began in 2018, Miyan volunteered at the organization for a short stint in 2006. Directly under the tutelage of ACCESS CEO Maha Freij, it was at this time that Miyan was able to familiarize herself with the community while forming strong bonds within the organization and beyond.  

After graduating from the American University of Sciences & Technology in Beirut with a double bachelor's in Journalism and International Affairs, Miyan served as an Executive Producer for the main political program of one of the leading television networks in all of Lebanon, "Al-Jadeed," from 2007 to 2018. During her time in Lebanon, she maintained a regular line of communication with ACCESS staff and remained inspired by the positive impact they were making on the lives of so many families. When an opportunity to return to America presented itself in 2018, Miyan immediately thought of ACCESS and applied for an open position, eventually accepting an offer to rejoin the organization shortly before her arrival. 

Born in Detroit, Michigan to Lebanese parents, Miyan has a unique perspective of what it means to be American. This has only bolstered her ability to excel in her role as development director, as she continues to tirelessly exhaust her efforts to empower and highlight all individuals as well as Arab American culture through the outreach of our local and national institutions.