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Center for Arab Narratives

The Center for Arab Narratives (CAN) is an institution of ACCESS, the largest Arab American community non-profit organization in the country. CAN, with its official launch in the spring of 2021, works to improve the wellbeing of the Arab American and MENA(Middle Eastern and North African) communities by facilitating and sharing community-empowered research.

CAN’s approach is both innovative and groundbreaking for its interdisciplinary methodology – bringing together sociological, anthropological, public health, psychological, and historical viewpoints to fully understand and address the needs of the Arab American and MENA communities.

The Center for Arab Narratives actively works on the ground, engaging with communities to conduct community-empowered research.

With its strong commitment to community empowerment and its innovative approach to research, the Center for Arab Narratives is working toward a brighter future for Arab American and MENA communities.

CAN website: