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Research at ACCESS

As a wrap-around human services agency that serves a diverse community, the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) is frequently invited to participate in research projects with university faculty, graduate students, and other research institutions. The types of research project that ACCESS participates in includes needs assessments, survey assistance, program evaluation, population studies, and focus groups, among other types.

Please keep in mind the following when submitting research requests with ACCESS.

  • Many of our clients are in crisis and may not be as willing to take part in studies, especially those that do not provide an incentive. Consider proposing a smaller sample size or a longer study period. Also consider giving the maximum possible incentives to participants, within your IRB guidelines. Many community members are in financial strife and busy taking care of elders, sick family members and children. Their time is much more valuable and the money can help relief some of their stress.
  • Checking in with their own university’s IRB. Many institutions have a hold on human subject research. Please keep us informed on your university’s policy.
  • We are still transitioning our patient charts to electronic, therefore, retroactive studies cannot be done until the state executive order is lifted and ACCESS’ safety protocols are followed.

If you are interested in conducting a research project with ACCESS, or you are interested in working with ACCESS in some other research capacity, please contact

Options for collecting data on Arab and MENA identity

Click here to view options for collecting identity data from Arab and Middle East or North African (MENA) communities—developed by an interdisciplinary team of scholars in conjunction with ACCESS.