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Immigration and Citizenship

Immigration services are provided by specialists who are certified and accredited by the Department of Justice. This accreditation allows the immigration specialist to represent clients in immigration courts and accompany them during their interview at the Department of Homeland Security. This is a fee for service program; a sliding-fee scale will be applied for low-income clients.

  • Consultations: Provide preliminary consultation to determine additional services related to each client’s situation and/or assistance requests

  • Outreach to United States Department of Homeland Security: Accompany client at interviews and hearings related to immigration cases

  • Completion of immigration forms: Assist with United States naturalization, family reunification, permanent residency, Visas, adjustment status, National Visa Center processing forms, etc.

  • Visa Lottery: (when available) Assist with the completion of the application process


ACCESS One-Stop Employment & Human Service Center
Social Services Department
6451 Schaefer Road Dearborn, MI 48126

Athra Mona, Accredited Representative by the Department of Justice (DOJ)
Office: 313-203-1877

Dalal Tamim, Citizenship Coordinator, Accredited Representative by the Department of Justice (DOJ)
Office: 313-203-1880

Hind Khraizat, Administrative Support