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Global Fridays: Layaali Arabic Music Ensemble (Arabic Classical)

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 7:30pm

LAYAALI is a Massachusetts-based group of musicians whose love and dedication to Arabic music have earned them wide acclaim from both ethnomusicologists and audiences at sold-out performances throughout the United States and internationally. The ensemble is committed to performing the traditional music of the Arab world and to preserving the rich legacy of the Arabic culture through soulful vocals, hypnotic instrumental improvisations, electrifying percussion, and faithful renditions and recordings of master works.

LAYAALI’s mission is to increase the awareness of Arabic music and culture through concerts, recordings, workshops and lectures. The musicians, who come from four Arab countries – Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Morocco -- include: Jamal Sinno (qanun and vocals), Muhammed Mejaour (nay and percussion), Kareem Roustom (oud), Michel Moushabeck (tabla, riqq, daff), and Geena Ghandour (vocals).

Members of the ensemble have performed at major international concert halls (London’s Peacock Theatre, Singapore’s Victoria Theatre, Paris’s La Salle Gaveaux), at museums (Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Porter-Phelps Museum), at colleges and universities (Yale University, Boston University, Harvard University, Hampshire College, Smith College, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Georgetown University), at world music festivals (Balkan Night, Boston International Festival), at notable music halls (Club Passim, The Iron Horse) and at churches nationwide.