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Everybody Ready Program

Everybody Ready is a home-based, parenting program designed to help parents by providing comprehensive support, education and guidance to keep their kids healthy, safe, happy and ready for school and life 

Program Goals 

  • Promote healthy development and parent-child relationship  

  • Enhance children’s learning and development  

  • Minimize developmental delay  

  • Identify delays as early as possible  

  • Increase parent involvement in early education  

  • Improve the support available to help children succeed later in school and life  

  • Prevent child abuse and neglect by promoting positive parenting 

Program services 

  • Provide developmental screenings ASQ -3 (Ages & Stages Questionnaires)  

  • Parenting education  

  • Connect parents, as needed, to other community resources and early childhood programs and services  

  • Play therapy to help children learn how to address and resolve problems  

  • Provide families with the tools, resources and services to build successful families  

  • Monthly playgroup for all program participants to promote social and emotional development 

Target Audience 

Families with kids 0 to 5 years old, Teen parents, Families with children with developmental delays, low parenting skills, families dealing with child abuse and neglect, families with a history of low school achievement or dropout. 





Maha Braish  


Phone: 313.624.0411