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After domestic violence, rebuilding lives

Kathleen spent years living a nightmare. She was – in every sense of the word – being hunted. Her estranged husband, who for years had verbally abused Kathleen and her children, was tracking and threatening them as they moved from state to state and tried to hide.

Too terrified even to sleep, Kathleen’s days blended into a haze and her anxiety skyrocketed. Too depressed on some days even to shower, she couldn’t manage the simplest of tasks, such as taking a walk, let alone holding down a job. Kathleen was unable to be the strong mom she needed to be, and her two young daughters began to fall apart emotionally, as well.

Finally, a family member told Kathleen about the ACCESS Victims of Crime/Safety Oasis Program. Program Supervisor Juvaria Javaid (right) helped Kathleen (left) find a safe place and worked with her to ease her anxiety. She later referred Kathleen to the ACCESS Employment & Training program.

Today, Kathleen is thriving. She started a new job and she is rebuilding her relationship with her daughters. She even looks forward to taking walks.

“It’s been a battle; I would not have survived without ACCESS. I don’t know what I would have done or where I would be today without the help I received,” she said.

Program Supervisor Juvaria Javaid with Kathleen