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A family finds a safety net

Bryan survived two major incidents since coming to the United States from Iraq: the loss of his job and a near-fatal car accident. With a wife and four children to support, Bryan suffers from severe back pain and worries a lot about how to get by. But his worries have been eased, in part, thanks to ACCESS.

After being laid off from his job as a nurse, Bryan fell behind on rent. While applying for unemployment, the family received an eviction notice. ACCESS helped with rent and connected him to resources that covered another six months of assistance.

One afternoon as Bryan walked to a nearby market for groceries, he was hit by a car. While Bryan was hospitalized and in rehabilitation for nearly two months, ACCESS caseworkers visited the family at home, providing them with food vouchers and rent.

Today Bryan, along with his wife and children, are hopeful that they will soon be on more stable ground with permanent housing and a job for Bryan. But until that happens, the family knows they can count on ACCESS.

Bryan and his family