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#ACCESStoGood Story: Committed volunteer shares tech talents with next generation

Adel Mozip

Software Developer and Comcast Digital Connectors Mentor | ACCESS

To have talent is a wonderful thing, but to use that talent in service to others is even better. A full-time software developer, Adel Mozip utilizes his time and IT talent to serve his community through the ACCESS Digital Connectors program. By teaching local youth invaluable computer skills, building their confidence and helping them to become leaders among their peers, Adel is helping to secure a bright future for the community that he loves.

Why do you choose to give back?

I choose to give back because I care a lot about my community, and I would like to see it prosper and flourish in all areas – social, educational and economic. I always feel great when helping people reach their dreams.


I chose ACCESS because it has a lot of different programs and avenues where volunteering is possible.

Why Digital Connectors?

I love teaching in the Digital Connectors program. It offers underserved students a chance to give back to the community, while also building teamwork skills and gaining computer literacy.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

I am analytical, compassionate and super energetic.

Thank you, Adel, for letting us be your #ACCESStoGood! Do you want to give back? Click here to learn how to get involved with ACCESS. 

This series shares the stories of the many philanthropists, change-makers and leaders that make up our ACCESS family. These individuals – ACCESS donors, volunteers and friends – embody the spirit of giving. It is our hope that their stories of going the extra mile in service to others and doing good through ACCESS will inspire you to embrace your inner philanthropist, and show you how we can be your "ACCESS to Good."