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ACCESS and TAKE ON HATE reach 60,000 people with online campaign, themed #TakeOnHateWithLove

In the wake of rising fear, hate and discrimination faced by Muslim and Arab Americans, ACCESS and our Campaign to TAKE ON HATE decided  that the time had come to share how people across the country, and around the world, turn hate and violence into an opportunity to #‎TakeOnHateWithLove.

During Valentine’s Day week, from February 8-14, we shared stories of people rising above hate and responding to adversity with positivity and change. From acts of service, to crowd-funding, to dressing up as a superhero, there are endless ways these inspirational individuals have shown us how to take action, stand up to hate and present our own narrative.

While it can be a challenge to elevate voices of tolerance and compassion in a hostile and combative environment, we’ve shown that with public platforms like social media, we can ensure our side of the story is heard. In just one week, we reached 60,000 people with the message to #TakeOnHateWithLove through the stories we shared (you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

We hope you were inspired by these stories as much as we were, and we encourage you to continue to share your own and others' positive stories by tagging them with #TakeOnHateWithLove. Let's #‎TAKEONHATE together!