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Maalik Gellani – Recognizing Success in the Mirror

Maalik Gellani, a 19 year old recent high school graduate from Dearborn, needed a job and didn’t know where to start. Turning to a friend for advice, Maalik learned that ACCESS held trainings for motivated young jobseekers that could use a little extra guidance in the process of securing stable, gainful employment.

“I hoped that the trainings would help me prepare myself for interviews, and also give me some insight into what types of employment opportunities are available,” Maalik said.

ACCESS caseworkers introduced Maalik to a free training opportunity supported by the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) and Bank of America and designed to connect unemployed and underserved youth to the training and education they need to secure and retain jobs with livable wages. Through instruction on how to write his resume and how to present himself well during interviews, Maalik gained newfound confidence in his ability to find employment.

“ACCESS trainers taught me how to approach an interview, how to prepare myself, and how to control my body language. Now, I can confidently look at myself in the mirror before an interview and tell myself, ‘you’re going to do great today,’” he said.

Equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the job market effectively, Maalik is firm in his belief that these trainings could make a crucial difference  for others in need of direction and encouragement. 

“I believe that these trainings are very important, and can help you learn to identify and avoid mistakes you’ve made in the past when looking for work,” said Maalik. “I would recommend them to anyone who has the time and is motivated to succeed.”

For more information, or to determine if you would be eligible to participate in one of ACCESS’ employability training programs, contact Pranvera Myftiu at or 313-945-8164.