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ACCESS welcomes Supreme Court’s decision to approve Obamacare subsidies

Affordable health care continues to be available for all

DEARBORN, Mich. – The Supreme Court’s decision yesterday, affirming that subsidies in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are, in fact, legal, was a victory for health care nationwide. The decision in the King v. Burwell case is a win for the millions of Americans who have finally enjoyed access to quality, affordable health coverage.

For consumers, this ruling means that nothing has changed about their financial help. As a result of this ruling, 78% of Michigan’s marketplace enrollees, or 228,000 Michiganders, will continue to get financial assistance to purchase health coverage. For them, financial help is still and will continue to be available.

“Today’s Supreme Court decision brings great relief to ACCESS and the communities we serve. Since the beginning of the first open enrollment, ACCESS has helped connect over 14,000 individuals to coverage that is affordable because of the subsidies available to these individuals. As an organization that serves the vulnerable and underserved, the protection of these subsidies will help us continue to, not only assist, but also empower those who are in need. Our job now is to continue to spread the word on affordable health care,” said Hassan Jaber, Executive Director of ACCESS.

ACCESS, a federally certified Health Insurance Marketplace navigator, certified close to 50 navigators for the start of the last ACA open enrollment period to assist the public in navigating the new marketplace. ACCESS is currently preparing for the upcoming third open enrollment period.

“We are truly excited to assist, once again, the numerous communities that we serve in seeking out various health care options that were not available to them in the past,” said Jaber.  “Our agency works, day in and day out, to connect people with services that allow them to become self sufficient.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to continue to assist, improve and empower the people that we serve.”

ACCESS is committed to continue making sure all Americans know about the health insurance options available to them. 


Grounded in a grassroots commitment to serving our community, ACCESS has a 44-year history of providing health, education, employment and social services.  An Arab American nonprofit of excellence, ACCESS empowers residents of metro Detroit to lead healthy, informed and productive lives and extends this mission nationally through advocacy, arts, culture and philanthropy.