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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Lead exposure can have serious health effects for both children and adults. Children under the age of six, pregnant women or a developing fetus can experience particularly dangerous health effects from lead exposure. Keeping kids lead safe is preventable and very important for their developmental stages. Lead hazards are prominent, and we aim to educate vulnerable parents on how to prevent lead poisoning and how to lower elevated lead levels to promote a healthy upbringing for their children. We offer free lead capillary lead tests to children who are at risk and educational sessions to help parents understand how they can lower elevated levels. 

Program Goals 

  • Prevent childhood lead poisoning  

  • Test kids under six and pregnant women  

  • Educate parents on steps they can take to limit lead hazards for kids  

  • Provide resources and support to parents  

  • Enhance child’s developmental stages 


Program services 

  • Lead testing for kids under 6 and pregnant women  

  • Provide educational material on how to prevent or lower lead levels  

  • Provide parents with guidance and support if a child does have elevated blood levels  

  • Home visits to provide lead testing and educational materials  

  • Referrals to programs and follow-up 


Target Audience 

High risk individuals, such as pregnant women or kids under the age of six, especially if they live in a house built before 1978 and/or in a high-risk area. 





Maha Braish  


Phone: 313.624.0411