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Dearborn Mural: Showcasing Our History

A New Avenue for Honoring Communities: Public Murals

 Public art has become popularized in recent years due to its creative way of highlighting aspects of the communities it’s home to. A large public mural offers much more than a pleasing sight to see; it inspires thoughtful dialogue and engages locals and visitors alike, encourages economic development due to increased foot traffic at surrounding businesses, and it most importantly showcases the beautiful history, diversity, and resilience of the community.


In paying tribute to our roots in Dearborn, ACCESS is commissioning a beautiful mural that portrays the diverse and culturally rich nature this strong and vibrant community has carried throughout its history. The outdoor mural will be painted on Masri Sweets’ wall, next to Fordson High School. These two local strongholds have been serving the community for years on a main street in the center of East Dearborn, a hub that attracts many visitors. The Mural will draw newcomers to the city along with usual visitors who will have a new avenue for appreciating Dearborn’s history and culture in this creative illustration.


An Artist of our Own: Samar Salam

Samar Salam is a talented artist specializing in painting and murals; she grew up in Lebanon and immigrated to Dearborn seven years ago. She followed in her grandfather’s footsteps, who created murals in Lebanon years ago. Her work is bold and engaging with bright colors, intricate patterns, and complex architecture, which makes her the perfect candidate to capture Dearborn’s special essence.