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Colorectal Cancer Screening Awareness Campaign (CRC)

The Colorectal Cancer Screening campaign conducts research and measures awareness of colorectal cancer, including risk factors, warning signs, and the importance of regularly scheduled screenings for early detection.

Program Goal

The ACCESS Colorectal Cancer Screening Awareness Campaign is designed to provide bilingual and culturally appropriate education to low-income Arab American adults with limited knowledge of cancer morbidity and limited access to health care due to insurance. The program aims to increase the number of screenings among adults over age 50 and increase early detection of colorectal cancer.

Program Services

  • Conduct outreach campaign events and individual home visits with Arab American men and women at risk for cancer
  • Provide information and/or cultural assistance with services for the prevention of colon cancer with the expected outcome of increasing screenings for adults over 50 and increasing early detection of colorectal cancer

Target Groups/Client Base

Low-income and/or non-insured men and women who are over age 50

Funding Sources

  • Michigan Department of Public Health


Most Common Cancers Found in Men & Women (English)
Most Common Cancers Found in Men & Women (Arabic)

Program Staff

Mona Makki, program director
Hiam Hamade, program coordinator
Ghada Aziz, outreach coordinator
Houda Eldaou, receptionist


Hiam Hamade, program coordinator
Phone: 313-216-2206