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Domestic Violence Prevention Program

Working with Arab and Muslim communities can be challenging due to the many layers that add complexity of domestic violence prevention, for example, the gender segregation that occurs socially with the Arab culture.. Another example is the complementary but different gender roles in Muslim families, including the leadership role that men play in the family. Cultural considerations cannot be ignored when dealing with Arab or Muslim communities, or other immigrant communities; and cultural competency is a requirement in order to ensure the long-term safety of individuals and families. The Domestic Violence Prevention Program is committed to working with these communities to end domestic violence before its occurrence.    

The Domestic Violence Prevention Program is a collaborative partnership between the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCEDSV) and the ACCESS Community Health and Research Center through DELTA FOCUS (Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances, Focusing on Outcomes for Communities United with States).

This program focuses on mobilizing the community and creating an environment that allows community members to promote healthy relationships and serve collectively as a team to end Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). This team is called the ACCESS Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT). Participating members receive appropriate training, resources and tools to contribute to the ultimate goal of ending violence in the community.

The program is open to anyone who wants to serve their community.

Program Goals

  • Promote the primary prevention of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
  • Support a social environment that allows and promotes equitable and non-violent personal relationships
  • Increase awareness of domestic violence among Arab Americans
  • Recruit and sustain a local CCRT by providing support technical assistance, resources, and trainings.

Program Services

The Domestic Violence Prevention Program develops and implements activities at the local level to prevent and reduce the incidence of IPV among youth, women and immigrants in the Arab American community while increasing gender equity norms. The program provides CCRT members an avenue to create and lead preventive strategies promote healthy relationships, peaceful families, and safe communities.

The CCRT is expected to meet twice for every quarter for up to one to two hours in order to discuss modern issues of domestic violence in the community and to generate projects to move step by step to ensure healthy relationships, peaceful families, and safe communities in our community. Sub-committees will meet as needed.

CCRT Goals

  • Reduce the occurrence of IPV through the promotion of healthy, respectful, nonviolent relationships
  • Reduce known risk factors for IPV and promote protective factors
  • Address all levels of the social system

CCRT Strategies

  • Promoting healthy relationships and communication skills
  • Engaging men and boys in violence prevention
  • Developing youth assets and leaders
  • Encouraging bystander intervention
  • Changing gender and violence social norms
  • Informing policy and systems change
  • Working with religious leaders
  • Creating a social media campaign around IPV awareness and prevention 

Target Group/Client Base

Privileged Groups

  • Community leaders, religious leaders, community organizations, local groups in Dearborn and surrounding cities.  

Marginalized Groups

  • Youth, women, immigrants in Dearborn and surrounding cities. 

Funding Source


Amanda Ajrouche, Program coordinator


Phone: 313-216-2229

Fax: 313-584-3622