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Infectious Disease Prevention Program

The Infectious Disease Program is a comprehensive set of services that are designed to prevent, treat, and reduce the harm associated with infectious diseases, with a focus on HIV, sexual health and injection drug use. 

Program Goals 

  • Increase the number of people in SE Michigan who know their HIV and STD status.  

  • Reduce the incidents of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in southeast MI  

  •  Provide an access point for sexual health services for the Arab American, and LGBT community  

  • Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services for our population  

  • Provide preventive HPV vaccines to gay and bisexual men who are not otherwise eligible in order to reduce anal cancer rates which are 40 times higher in HIV positive gay/bi men.  

  • Prevent further outbreaks of Hepatitis A which disproportionally affected gay/bi men over the last several years.  

  • Reduce community viral load and assist clients with maintaining HIV viral suppression  

  • Ensure that all patients with an STD have treatment available for them and their partners regardless of insurance status.  

  • Ensure that patients who are at high risk for contracting HIV can obtain and adhere to PrEP.  

  • Reduce the number of HIV positive clients who use tobacco products and increase the likely hood that they maintain viral suppression and live full and healthy lives  

  • Ensure that active injection drug users have access to clean needles and works for every injection, every time.  

  • Ensure that clients who participate in Syringe exchange or harm reduction services receive those services in a non-coercive manner where abstinence is not a requirement to receive services, including substance use counseling. 

Program Services 

Three service locations Dearborn, Ferndale, Sterling Heights  

  • Free screening for Gonorrhea/Chlamydia, Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B & C *  

  • Free treatment for Gonorrhea/Chlamydia, Syphilis, and HIV  

  • Treatment for Hepatitis B and C (not free)  

  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) prescriptions, & PrEP navigation  

  • Safer sex and other health education risk reduction education  

  • Free condoms and lube  

  • STD specialty services  

  •  Hepatitis A and HPV vaccines *  

  • Medical and non-medical case management for HIV positives  

  • Patient navigation for newly diagnosed HIV positive or those with a lapse of medical care  

  • Tobacco use reduction counseling for HIV positives  

  • HIV specific medical care  

  • LGBT and gender affirming primary medical care  

  • Syringe Exchange and harm reduction services, including naloxone for overdose **  

  • Case management, peer recovery support and substance use counseling **  

  • Safer injection and other harm reduction counseling **  

  • Mobile Syringe exchange services***  

  • Limited transportation services available *  

  • Telemedicine services  

  • Online appointment scheduling  

  • Condom distribution (via condom dispensers at partner venues)  

*some restrictions apply  

** coming summer/fall 2020 to Macomb County facility  

*** coming fall/winter 2020/2021 to Macomb County 


Target Audience 

Target audiences for services are dependent on the service being offered. Sexual health services are available to any sexually active person that requests screening. Some tests are only available to specific populations/age groups. HIV and Hepatitis screenings are free to everyone.  

STD specialty services are targeted for LGBT community.  

HIV Case management and patient navigation is limited to diagnosed HIV positive clients only. 

Syringe services, case management and peer recovery support are limited to self-identified injection or other drug users who register with ACCESS Point Syringe Services Program.  

Free STD treatment is available to anyone diagnosed with Gonorrhea, Chlamydia or Syphilis and their sex or needle sharing partners. Patients seeking treatment who have not been diagnosed by ACCESS must bring a copy of test results or be referred by local public health department to receive free treatment. 



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