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Refugee Health Empowerment Program

The Refugee Health Empowerment Program offers two opportunities for refuges interested in pursuing careers in the healthcare industry or receiving higher education in the health care field and who want to help others as health care workers. The program is designed to offer refugees an opportunity to gain a foothold and long-term career pathway in Michigan’s fastest growing occupational sector – healthcare.

The first part of the program consists of E-learning courses that are designed to give a basic overview about patient care, chronic disease and living a healthier life.  These courses are free, self-paced and interactive.

The second part of the program is comprised of a Community Health Worker Training to better equip refugees in their career path.  This 20-hour training course provides information and training for individuals who are interested in becoming a certified community health worker.  Topics covered in the training include health care systems, communications, health worker skills, professional growth and development and more.  These workshops are free and interactive.

ACCESS also provides monthly education sessions on selected and relevant health topics and quarterly health fairs/screenings.  Both of these activities are free to individuals in the community.

Program Goals

  • Fuse refugee workforce training and job placement
  • Help refugees gain an opportunity in a healthcare field
  • Train refugee community members in a Community Health Worker Training

Program Services

  • Free Community Health Worker Training Opportunity
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Free job search/application assistance
  • Free resume assistance
  • Free monthly education sessions on health topics
  • Free health screening (including BMI, blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure)

Target Group/Client Base

This program operates primarily out of the ACCESS Sterling Heights Center.  To be eligible for this program, an individual must be a refugee, having lived in the United States for less than five years.


Phone: 586-330-8026 or 586-330-8027