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Survivors of Violence Empowerment Programs

The Survivors of Violence Empowerment Programs provides services and assistance to survivors of crime. The programs serve Southeast Michigan counties including Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties. The programs assist clients with mental health recovery and justice by providing counseling, psychiatric services, case management, transitional housing, and legal services. 

Program Goals

The primary purpose of our SVE programs are to support the services to survivors of crime throughout southeast Michigan.  

  • Respond to the emotional, psychological, or physical needs of crime survivors.  
  • Empower, encourage and improve health of survivors.  
  • Assist survivors to stabilize their lives after a victimization.  
  • Assist survivors to understand and participate in the criminal justice system  
  • Restore a measure of safety and security for the survivor. For the purposes of this program, a crime survivor is a person who has suffered physical, sexual, financial or emotional harm as a result of the commission of a crime. 

Program Services

Individual, family, and group therapy  

  • Case management  
  • Psychiatric services  
  • Trauma-informed interventions  
  • Legal services  
  • Prevention services  
  • Support groups  
  • Advocacy  
  • Employment Services  
  • Transitional Housing 

Target Groups/Client Base

The programs serve survivors in the Southeast Michigan counties including Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties:  

  • Survivors of domestic violence (Emotional, Psychical and sexual abuse)  
  • Survivors of child and sexual abuse  
  • Survivors of hate crimes  
  • Survivors of Bullying  
  • Survivors of sexual assault  
  • Survivors of violent crimes  
  • Survivors of robbery, burglary and theft  
  • Survivors of assault  
  • Homicide survivors and family members 

Funding Sources

Department of Justice; Victims of Crime Act, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and the Office of Violence against Women. 


Nagham DabajaSupervisor

Reham Hermiz, Behavioral Health Coordinator

Nour Beydoun, Behavioral Health Coordinator

Zainab Alnashi, Intake Specialist

*All staff members are licensed by the State of Michigan.