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ACCESS Hope House

ACCESS Hope House Clubhouse—in Dearborn, Mich.— is unlike any other center in the community. Hope House is, first and foremost, a community of people. It is a groundbreaking program of the ACCESS Community Health and Research Center (CHRC) that gives adults with a history of serious mental illness the opportunity to form meaningful relationships and extend these relationships into society. Hope House guarantees its members the right to a safe and supportive environment and the right to participate in a community. In this environment, members develop improved self-esteem, healthy habits and better socialization and personal skills. Learn more about the standards for Clubhouse Programs.

Hope House launched a summer community garden project in 2015, where members can grow a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs that they use to prepare their daily meals (read more here.) In 2016, Hope House expanded the community garden project to not only grow more fruits and vegetables, but to also team up with local youth to distribute the surplus produce throughout the community. We're excited to see the garden grow!




Current newsletter: July 2016

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ACCESS Hope House

6470 Williamson St.
Dearborn MI 48126
Phone: 313-633-1361