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Community Stories

The Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) has nearly 100 programs that strive to assist, improve and empower people in the community locally and nationally. These stories highlight ACCESS programs in the community and across the country, as well as clients who are positively impacted by the organization. Nonprofit groups and media outlets are welcome to reprint these stories with attribution and/or to link to these pages. If you have questions, please contact the ACCESS Communications Department at 313-842-5128.


Much of the rhetoric that emerged from this election has been divisive and painful, giving reason for many to question the ideals that guide us as a nation.

Do you have the vision, leadership and ability to inspire that is needed to serve as Director of the National Network for Arab American Communities?

Zewail was ACCESS’ 2010 Arab American of the Year and served on Arab American National Museum board

Maalik Gellani, a 19 year old recent high school graduate from Dearborn, needed a job and didn’t know where to start.

An opportunity made possible by ACCESS, SEMCA, and Bank of America