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Legacy Gifts

There are many ways you can make an ongoing impact through a legacy gift. Here are a few options to consider.

Charitable Bequest 

The easiest and most well-known type of planned gift is a charitable bequest; simply put, this means leaving a charity in your will. You can instruct your attorney to add a charitable bequest for the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) to your estate plan for:

  • a specific amount
  • a specific property, or
  • a specific percentage of your estate

View an example of easy-to-use charitable bequest language.

Retirement Plans

You can designate ACCESS to receive part or all of what remains of your retirement plan after your death. Transferring a retirement plan can be a very tax-efficient way of making a gift. For example, while your heirs may receive as little as 30 percent of a retirement plan from a large estate after estate tax and income tax, ACCESS will receive all of it tax free.

Insurance Policies

You can designate ACCESS to receive all or part of the proceeds from your life insurance policy. Ask your insurance company for a beneficiary designation form.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust allows you to receive payments from the trust for a specified period of time, and donate the remainder of the estate to a named charity when the time frame expires. Contact ACCESS for a confidential analysis of the tax and income benefits available to you and your family through a Charitable Remainder Trust.

If you share ACCESS’ vision for the future, consider making a planned gift. To those who make a legacy gift of any kind, ACCESS offers:

  • Professional management of the gift principal year-after-year
  • The full tax advantages of a qualified nonprofit organization
  • Information on the tax and income benefits of charitable remainder trusts and donor-advised funds
  • Membership in the Al-Mirath Society, a legacy society that honors planned gift donors during their lifetime


Maha Freij, Executive Director