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Active Requests for Proposal & Requests for Quote

NNAAC Website Design

Proposal due date: March 12, 2021 at 5:00 PM (EST)

Responses must be submitted electronically using the method below:

  • Email proposal to: and CC:

  • To be properly received, email subject line must include: NNAAC Website Design RFP Response

  • Bid submission must include (1) completed PDF response to the overall RFP and (1) portfolio example of work



Private Offices & Ancillary Spaces

Proposal due date: December 11, 2020 at 5:00pm (EST)

Responses must be submitted electronically using one of the methods below:

  • Email proposal to Rachid Elabed at
  • To be properly received, Email Subject line must include: Private Offices & Ancillary Spaces RFP Response


Furniture & Installation, Workstations & Storage

Proposal due date: November 30, 2020 at 5:00pm (EST)

Responses must be submitted electronically using the method below:

  • Email proposal to Rachid Elabed at
  • To be properly received, email Subject line must include: Workstations & Storage RFP Response
  • Bid submissions must include (1) completed Excel pricing summary and (1) completed PDF response to the overall RFP (per Section VI. C. Submittal Information)

Click here to download the request for proposal. 

Performance Management System Search 2021

Please consider this document as formal Request for Proposal (RFP) for a performance management system for ACCESS. Bids should be submitted to by 10 am November 12, 2020. Bids must be accompanied by a completed version of the RFP document located at and 3 references.

All invitations to bid issued by ACCESS will bind bidders and successful bidders to the conditions and requirements set forth in this Scope of Work, and such conditions shall form an integral part of any purchase contract awarded.

All bidders shall contact HR Generalist Meredith Steih at (313) 550-2293, between the hours of 9:00 am & 4:30 pm M-F to review the scope of work.

Scope of Work:

ACCESS is seeking a performance management system through which we can conduct generalized new hire appraisals, and annual, competency based annual appraisals, with the option for self-appraisals as well. The system should also include the ability for performance documentation like recognition and employee correction documents.

Qualified firms wishing to respond to RFP – “Performance Management System” must provide all equipment and materials described in this document, whether directly or through subcontractors/sub-consultants. This does not, however, limit the use of sub-contractors or sub-consultants.

It is anticipated that the solution will be completely installed, integrated with the financial software, and staff trained before the end of the current calendar year (December 31, 2020)

We are requesting the following features highlighted in the proposal:

  • New hire appraisals
  • Competency-based annual appraisals (self-appraisal and supervisor appraisal)
  • Ability to integrate with current HMIS system
  • Data management for past appraisals

Vendor(s) shall be responsible for all repairs or damages to ACCESS property caused by his/her equipment, personnel or materials used.

The Vendor is to report to the Human Resources Director and/or his designee and will cooperate and confer with him/her as necessary to insure satisfactory work progress.

Furthermore, any operator leaving ACCESS sites in an unsatisfactory condition will be required to return and complete the job with no additional compensation.

Vendor Selection Criteria - ACCESS reserves the right to reject any or all bids, in part or in total, for any objective or subjective reason whatsoever. Late bids will not be accepted. If a proposal is selected, it will be the “best value” (See: "Best Value" following), quality of service, the Vendors' qualifications and capabilities to provide the specified service, and other factors which the ACCESS may consider. ACCESS does not intend to award a bid fully based on any response made to the proposal; ACCESS reserves the right to consider proposals for modifications at any time before a Bid would be awarded, and negotiations would be undertaken with that Vendor whose proposal is deemed to best meet ACCESS' specifications and needs. ACCESS at its sole discretion may award this bid to one or several contractors whatever is deemed in the best interest of ACCESS. Bids will be reviewed and evaluated on a weighted system to determine best value.

Proposals will be reviewed and scored as follows:

  • Library of potential career competencies ~ 20 points
  • Ease of use of appraisals ~ 20 points
  • Additional performance management documentation ~ 20 points
  • Price ~ 20 points
  • Integration and staff training plan ~ 20 points

Based on the criteria above, using a 100 point scale the vendor that accumulates the highest score wins the bid.

“Best Value” means that ACCESS will, in an evaluation of each proposal submittal, consider factors other than just cost in making the award decision.

Legal Requirements – The Contractor will comply with all federal, state and local laws & regulations, including but not limited to all applicable OSHA/MIOSHA requirements and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

No Contract – This notice is provided for information and invitation for offers to contract only and is not to be construed as: (a) an offer to contract; or (b) as a contract in and of itself.

No Assumption – ACCESS assumes no responsibility or liability for costs incurred by the Contractor prior to the effective date of any contract resulting from this RFP. Further, Contractor may be required to obtain licenses, liability insurance, and to comply with certain laws and regulations, including but not limited to, the Americans with Disabilities Acts and Equal Opportunity Employment.

Heading and Captions for Convenience Only – Headings and captions included in this this document are included herewith for the sake of convenience only and offer no substantive guidance and are not to be examined for purposes of interpretation.

Independent Contractor – Any contract issued because of this RFP shall not be construed as creating a relationship of employer and employee, or principal and agent, or master and servant. Rather Contractor and ACCESS shall assume the responsibility for the acts of their respective employees, agents, representatives, staff, consultants, and subcontractors, and should Contractor’s proposal be accepted only an independent contractor relationship shall exist between Contractor and ACCESS.

No Assignment – A contract awarded under this RFP shall not be assignable in any form or portion without the written consent of ACCESS.

Contract Changes/Modifications - Changes mutually agreed upon by the ACCESS and the Contractor will be incorporated into this contract by written amendments signed by both parties.

Contingent Upon Funding - Contracts conditioned upon availability of funds. If funding is cut and services must be reduced or discontinued, a 30-day notice will be provided.

Disputes - Any disputes arising out of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Michigan.

Overpayments - Contract debts are amounts that have been paid to a contractor to which the contractor is not currently entitled under the terms and conditions of the contract; or are otherwise due from the contractor under the terms and conditions of the contract.

Schedule of Service & Delays – In the case that the Contractor(s) cannot meet the deadlines in this Scope of Work, the ACCESS may contract out these duties itself and receive from the vendor the cost incurred.

Termination for Convenience: ACCESS may terminate this contract at any time and for any reason by giving at least thirty (30) days’ notice in writing to the Vendor. If the contract is terminated by the ACCESS as provided herein, the vendor will be paid a pro-rated payment as negotiated with the ACCESS for the work completed as of the date of termination.

Termination for Cause - ACCESS may terminate the whole or any part of this Agreement, by written notice of default to Vendor, in any one of the following circumstances:

(a) If Vendor fails to perform any duties or obligations within the time specified herein or any written extension thereof granted by Customer;

(b) If Vendor so fails to make progress as to endanger performance of this Agreement in accordance with its terms;

(c) If Vendor fails to comply with any of the material terms and conditions of this Agreement. Such termination shall become effective if Vendor does not cure such failure within a period of ten (10) days after written notice of default by Customer;

(d) If the other party is declared insolvent or bankrupt, or makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or a receiver is appointed or any proceeding is demanded by, for or against the other under any provision of the Federal Bankruptcy Act or any amendment thereof.

Upon termination, ACCESS may procure, upon such terms as it shall deem appropriate, services like those so terminated. Vendor shall continue performance of this Agreement to the extent not terminated.

Term – ACCESS is requesting a 3-year contract for performance management solutions services beginning January 31, 2021.

Centralized Intake/EMR Solution

ACCESS is looking for a software solution to centralize intake, documentation, and reporting for the organization’s diverse business requirements including social, employment, educational, entrepreneurial, physical health, and behavior health services.


Scope of Work

In order to fully comply with the stakeholders’ requirements related to usage of Electronic Medical Record and to increase effectiveness, productivity, reporting ability, and RCM capabilities to streamline our services our organization is in need of obtaining a software solution that will allow us to accomplish our goals.


  • The solution will be utilized for electronic medical records and must be “meaningful use” certified.
  • The solution must support e-prescribing and electronic medical billing.
  • The solution must include functionality allowing for electronic intra-agency referrals.
  • Ideally, the solution will be comprised of a single database system rather than multiple systems linked together for reporting purposes through business intelligence.
  • The solution can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud, but external hosting in a HIPAA compliant data center would be preferred.
  • The solution must provide an easy to use interface for highly customizable forms, assessments, and reports.
  • The solution must reliably support up to 150 concurrent users: Case Managers, Therapists, Clubhouse and Supportive Employment Specialists as well as Peers.
  • The solution must be able to accommodate the number of prescribing Providers 2 MD/DO; 3 PA/NP
  • The solution must include RCM capabilities including claims, remittance, and eligibility setup as well as receivables setup. RCM based upon figures below.
  • The solution should take into consideration our average monthly charges, average monthly collections, and average contractual adjustments.
    • Charges $ 198,000
    • Payments $ 180,000
    • Adjustments $ 5,000
  • Average Monthly Collections? $ 180,000
  • Number of Average Monthly Procedures billed 1,500
  • Aging Report – what % of A/R is aged for 120 days $ 60,000

Support Requirements:

  • The vendor must provide implementation and training services.
  • If the solution requires on-premises implementation, the vendor will provide technical assistance as required.
  • If the solution is hosted by the vendor, the vendor will house data in a HIPAA compliant data center and will ensure high availability and optimal performance.
  • The vendor will provide maintenance services throughout the lifetime of the solution as part of a maintenance contract or through SaaS subscription.